Creating the futuristic world of Similo required a considerable amount of time. We had to be not only creative but also be very careful about the laws governing this world. Every little detail had to be thoroughly realistic and believable.

We had to start from scratch, designing not only how private cities in Antarctica would develop, but also the props the actors were going to use, wardrobe and even vehicles. Given the very limited budget, we had to find ways to adapt existing gadgets and locations to make them look as futuristic as possible, but at the same time, keeping a consistent and defined aesthetic.

SAAB TRUCK. design by David Löhr.

MASSARI QUIANA cityscape. Original concept by Marko Ljubez.

Matte painting by Skyward. Retouch by Ioan Dimitrescu.

Concept art by David Löhr.

NITEHINARU clean room. Concept by Maxim Zhestkov.

CLEANOMATES. Design by David Löhr.

Finished shot by Gavin Greenwalt.

Motorcycle design by renowned vehicle designer Daniel Simon.


Geothermal power station. Matte painting by Amir Salehi and Macgregor

Finished comp by Macgregor.

A few different brands created by David Löhr.